to believe

in the power
of your story

What are Brand Guidelines?

a key puzzle piece

An important part of the big brand picture.

brand voice

How you sound and what you say.

brand design

What you look like and how you're recognized.


brand purpose

Why you exist in the marketplace.

brand vision

Where you're headed and what you'll contribute.

brand values

What you stand for and what guides your decisions.

Work With Us

The BOM ideal client personality (icp) workshop

Find out WHO this elusive being is and how to build offers that serve them well. Let's rock it out together!

The BOM Experience

Go from ABC2OMG with the ULTIMATE Brand Development Experience. Coming soon in February 2022.

Brand Guidelines Intensive

My dream biz needs a crash course
in how we should look, feel, and sound and want you to put it all together, Team OMG!

The BOM brand offer
strategy session

Let’s strategize to create the right offers that speak to your Ideal Client Personality.

The BOM VIP Package

ready to blaze trails with ongoing
strategic work and targeted goals!

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OMG Brand Story

OMG Brand Story is a brand consulting agency designed specifically for entrepreneurs. We’re on a mission to help create scores of purpose-driven brands obsessed with standing up for what they believe in, doing what’s right, and manifesting inclusive company cultures that will change the world for the better. We are daring entrepreneurs to step out of fear and into the freedom of their own greatness.

Founded by Olivia M. Gonzalez (OMG), we help businesses clarify and develop their brand guidelines, including their brand purpose, position, and messaging so they can become the #1 choice in their industry. Using The Brand Optimizer Method™ (The BOM™), our signature process, we help businesses identify what’s at the heart of their brand, target business outcomes, and optimize their business through internal and external brand communications.

Backed by over 20 years of corporate industry experience, Olivia has been a trusted advisor to household names, including Toyota USA, GameStop, TGI Fridays, Rave Restaurant Group, and North Texas Food Bank. Today, through her company OMG Brand Story, she and her team help entrepreneurs and corporate clients learn how to show up as their authentic selves and embrace the power of their stories.

When OMG is not rescuing brands from the edge of structural burnout and setting them on the path to profitability, she’s kicking back in the North Texas sun with her husband, cats Crazy and Mousey, and breakfast tacos in hand!

What We Stand For


purpose-driven brands!

We dare you to believe in the power of your story.


show up and show out

You and your business were created with purpose. Distractions and fear will come and go, but you have a legacy to build — and a lifetime to live fully. Do the work. Find out who you truly are at the heart of your brand. Then, step out of fear and step into greatness — be boldly you.

Relentless Resiliency

never give up

We believe in you. And, we want you to believe in you, too. Being an entrepreneur isn’t an easy road, and you may get knocked around a bit. But, Rocky Balboa was right — it’s not about how many times you get knocked down. It’s about how many times you get back up. We’re in your corner. So, get up. The world is waiting on you, champ. 

Play with Fierce Creativity

have fun being awesome

Transforming brands into authentic versions of their best selves isn’t a cookie-cutter process. One-size-fits-all is not available in this supercenter of awesomeness. We play freely to access every creative possibility — all while having a good time.

the Brand

be intentional

Changing the world for the better requires that we act with intention and integrity. We may be playful, but we don’t play when it comes to protecting your brand. We are warrior spirits who fight beside you, helping you develop solid branding foundations from which your business can build, survive, and thrive — sustainably. 

The Human Element

Be human

We believe all successful brands are relatable and carry a single common thread: The Human Element. We embrace humanity, in all its beautiful forms, and work to create engaging, inclusive, and meaningful brand experiences for all.


we rock so you can rock, too!

but, don't take our word for it ... listen to our clients


The most eye-opening impact of working with Olivia was her identifying how the small inconsistencies in my brand communication were holding my brand back from leveling up … I would highly recommend working with Olivia, it’s literally one of the best investments I have made in my business!

amy p.

Olivia Gonzalez is BRILLIANT! As a result of The BOM Intensive, I have crystal clear direction with brand guidelines that I can use in any and every situation.  Having brand guidelines has been incredibly valuable by allowing me to respond to any situation in a way that respects and reflects what my brand stands for. 

Morgan W.

Olivia helped me really identify what elements belonged in my brand story. I had a few brand story ideas before I came into this, but I found so much clarity with Olivia.
I put my learning into action right away by including my brand story elements in my client communications. This will be a game-changer for me!!

stacie b.

I think that Olivia has a gift of taking what is seemingly random information and running a thread of continuity
through it. She was very personable and full of energy. I loved working with Olivia. Her personality is infectious. She really made my story sing as she found a way to connect the different parts of it seamlessly.

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