Brand Guidelines Intensive

You’re busy. You need brand guidelines developed but you don’t have weeks to spend working through the process while juggling your schedule. Don’t worry. We got you.

This three-hour intensive session helps you unleash the unique look, feel, and voice that bring your business to life: your Brand Guidelines.

In this “do for you” service, we guide you through the process, including a consult with our graphic designer to refresh your logo and visual identity. We then create your professionally-crafted brand guidelines for you within 15 business days.

This intensive is for you if ...

your brand is ready to level up

You have an established business, and it's time to scale — time to brand your business the right way.

you need a crash course in branding

You know how to build a business, but when it comes to building a brand, you could use some help.

you've got your hands full

You're growing a business and just need an expert to make your brand guidelines happen!

Included in this "do for you" service ...

Branding Insight

We’ll discuss the three key areas of branding and their importance.​

Your Ideal Client

We’ll build a clear profile of your ideal client and what they need to hear.

Heart of the Brand

We’ll identify your brand’s Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Brand Visuals

We’ll develop your brand colors and logo with our professional graphic designer.

why are brand guidelines important?

they create consistency

Businesses experience an average 33% revenue growth increase when maintaining consistent branding practices.
(Source: Lucis Press State of Brand Consistency)

they represent what you brand stands for

Brand guidelines include your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Core Values and visual identity, among other brand attributes. Brands recognized as having a clear purpose grow at twice the rate as other brands.
(Source: Kantar Purpose 2020)

they help develop brand recognition

Used consistently, brand guidelines develop brand recognition with consumers. 90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels.
(Source: New Jersey Institute of Technology MBA Research Infographic)

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