1:1 Brand Guidelines Intensive

Let’s get to the heart of your brand and set you up for success!

branding facts

Fact #1

33% average revenue growth increase when maintaining consistent branding practices. (Source: Lucis Press State of Brand Consistency)

Fact #2

Brands recognized as having a clear purpose grow at twice the rate as other brands. (Source: Kantar Purpose 2020)

Fact #3

90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels. (Source: New Jersey Institute of Technology MBA Research Infographic)

What’s Included

What is branding?

We’ll discuss the three key areas of branding and their importance.​

Ideal Client

We’ll build a clear profile of your ideal client.​

Get Insight

Get insight into the different areas of branding​

Brand Visuals

Optional add-on to include a session with a professional graphic designer, to design or refresh your brand logo and brand colors.

Post-Session, you will receive

Your Company Brand Guidelines

Key Messaging

Session Recording Link

Optional Logo and Brand Colors

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