Brand offer Strategy Session

Brand offer
Strategy Session

Let’s strategize to create the right offers that speak to your Ideal Client Personality.

If you’ve identified who you are and what you stand for (Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Core Values) but are still having trouble creating offers that attract the right client, then this session is for you!

We’ll drill down to identify your Ideal Client Personality and create passive, introductory, main, and ongoing or recurring offers that will help you diversify your income streams and use the right voice to share the right story to attract the right people and serve them well. 

What’s Included

Brand Assessment Review

We’ll review a comprehensive assessment of your brand, its relatability, core values, strengths, weaknesses, and offer key recommendations

Strategic Offers Development

We’ll strategically develop an offer map that outlines multiple offers that meet the needs of your Ideal Client Personality (ICP), depending on where they are on their specific journey. We’ll find out exactly how you can help them and when to make the right offer to ensure consistent and effective strategies authentic to your brand — and exactly what your target audience or ICP needs from you.

Post-Session, you will receive:​

strategic Brand offer map

with a breakdown of your Ideal Client Personality

Session Recording Link

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