THE BOM™ Experience:
a 5-day brand development workshop

Unleash your brand’s authentic personality!

In this 5-Day Brand Development Workshop, we'll meet for 90-minutes every day to identify key branding elements to help you develop a consistent look, feel, and sound for your brand: Your Purpose, Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Ideal Client Personality.

What’s included …

brand development resources

You'll receive a checklist of everything you need to build a brand effectively, The BOM™ Experience Workbook, a Brand Guidelines Template that we will fill out together, plus access to a brand development expert.

personlized attention

This 5-Day Workshop is a group environment. Everyone has direct access to OMG and can ask questions openly because building a brand isn't a cookie-cutter process. You'll get personalized attention. Plus, you get one 30-minute 1:1 call with OMG the week after The BOM™ Experience is complete.

guidance and support

You'll get guidance and insight to help you develop the Heart of Your Brand and build content that connects. This is a "do with you" process where you'll be able to work through assignments as a group with OMG leading the way. You'll have access to The BOM™ Squad, our private FB group, the week of and the week after the 5-Day workshop — giving you time to process, ask questions, and then finalize the elements that make up your brand guidelines — together.

day one:

what is branding?

We’ll go through an overview of what branding is, where we should REALLY start as entrepreneurs, and which components of branding are vital for success.
Homework will be assigned.

day two:

the heart of
your brand

We’ll get to the heart of your brand and identify why your brand exists, what you do to serve your clients, and where you see your business going in the future.

Homework will be assigned.

day three:

core values

We’ll identify and develop the key characteristics, attributes, and values that truly represent what your business stands for and how those values help inform how you run your business.

Homework will be assigned.

day four:

ideal client personality

We’ll unlearn some things about ideal clients and shed light on the truth about how to attract the right people to your business so you can fine tune your content.

Homework will be assigned.

day five:

building content with intention

We’ll take everything we’ve learned and use a formula to ensure you have the right voice to share the right story so you can attract the right people to your brand!

Access to The BOM™ Squad continues through the following week.

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Our next class begins Monday, May 3, 2021.

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