THE BOM Experience

Unleash your authentic personality, and make it easy to develop content and work with copywriters, designers, and web developers. Goodbye inconsistency — hello, clients!

branding facts

Fact #1

33% average revenue growth increase when maintaining consistent branding practices. (Source: Lucis Press State of Brand Consistency)

Fact #2

Brands recognized as having a clear purpose grow at twice the rate as other brands. (Source: Kantar Purpose 2020)

Fact #3

90% of users expect to have the same branding across all platforms/channels. (Source: New Jersey Institute of Technology MBA Research Infographic)

What’s Included

Group and 1:1 Personalized Sessions

We’ll walk through how to meaningfully develop your brand guidelines, learn how to effectively create content that converts, ensure you’ve pinned down your ideal client, and set your business up for long-term success.

What is Branding?

We’ll go from the ABC basics of branding straight through to “OMG! My business is officially The BOM!”

Heart of the Brand

We’ll identify and develop your brand guidelines: Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Ideal Client

We’ll build a clear profile of your ideal client.

small community support

We’ll provide a private group page where we’ll share best practices, strategies, and encouragement, as we work thorough identifying the right voice to tell the right stoyy and attract the right people for your busines

Post-Session, you will receive

Professionally Crafted Brand Guidelines

Professionally Curated Brand Colors/Proposed Logo

Professionally Crafted Brand Guidelines

Brand Assessment and Recommendations​

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