The BOM Ideal Client Personality (ICP) Workshop

You’ve started your business. Have your offers. But nothing seems to be sticking! 
WHO is this elusive being that you’re trying to target but just cannot seem to nail down???
Friend, let me tell you. If you want to find the right voice to share the right story and
attract the right people, don’t you need to know darn well WHO the right people are?? 

What we cover ...

How to Identify Your Ideal Client Personality

Did you know there was a method to the madness of identifying your ICP? Not an imaginary avatar or a made-up persona … but a REAL personality you need to target? We’ll give you the step-by-step. Be prepared to think differently!

Key Elements You Need to Know About Your ICP

We’ll share insight on exactly what you need to know about your ICP and why it matters so much, plus focus on how to use that information to begin using the right voice to share the right story and begin attracting the RIGHT personality.

What to Offer and When to Offer it to Your ICP

What good is knowing exactly WHO you’re supposed to target if you don’t know what to offer them or when they need it, right? We’ll give you the 411 on how to use what we call “The Arc of the Ideal Client” to figure out what to offer and when.

Saturday, January 29 at 10am CST.


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